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Ranbir Kapoor flipping out!

On most days Ranbir Kapoor manages to keep his calm around the flashes and cameras, but if you’ve ever spotted this young Kapoor ladka on his way out of the airport, then you will see him flipping off every camera in sight. What you’ve gotta love, is the way Ranbir manages to make it look different each time.
Case in point #1:
Ranbir comes back from attending an event and he’s greeted by the paparazzi. The young lad pretends to adjust his glasses and gives the shutterbugs the finger.
Case in point #2:

He’s back from Ibiza and vacationing with the hottest bikini body in the country, but even that makes him unhappy! While girlfriend Katrina Kaif keeps her calm trailing her main man out of the airport, beta Ranbir decides to take matters into his own hands while scratching his facial fungus. 
Case in point #3:
A fashionably attired and accessorized Ranbir Kapoor (no we didn’t miss the LV looking tote or the Beats headphones) walks out of the airport throwing some undisguised angst the paparazzi’s way! Really, boy, put a lid on it!
And while Ranbir flips people off, girlfriend Katrina does it the politically correct way, issuing a public, written request to the media to respect her privacy.