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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are busy hanging out with other people

 Well, readers now everything is over between Selena and Justin Bieber. It seems as if both have moved on in their life. According to a source of Hollywoodlife.com, Selena and Justin are busy hanging out with other people. Well, it looks as if it is the time to say goodbye for Selena. The 20 years old Selena and 19 years old Justin Bieber are moving ahead by involving with someone else after their breakup.

According to a close source of Hollywoodlife.com, Selena is hanging out with a guy. So, there is no doubt that Justin is busy with other girls. Selena and Justin have really split up and they had made it clear that they will never get back to the relation again. As Selena has moved on from Justin, so there is no chance that they will get back together.

Well, Selena doesn't want to keep any romantic relationship with Justin but she wants to be friends with him. Though both of them are no more in relationship but in an interview Selena says that Justin is very important to her. She cares for Justin a lot after break up also. But she doesn't want him back in relationship anymore. There has been lots of up and down in their relationship but finally they split.

According to latest celebs news, Justin is still in the hope of reunion. For Justin, it is not completely over and wants her back but she is not interested. On Monday, Selena told that she is ready to be a friend of Justin.

Selena, the actress and singer of America was born in Texas. As a child actress, she was seen in Barney & Friends. However in a television series, that have also won the Emmy award, she played the role of a protagonist Alex Russo and became very popular. Her first solo album is going to release in summer. She was also elected as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2008.

During her Spring Breakers tour, Selena had a talk with David letterman, the funny man. They talked something common about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Well, in the interview the Selena made Bieber laugh, cry with the funny man David. Well, in other words we can say that Selena made fun of her relationship with Justin properly. But it would be really hard for Justin by seeing that he is being made fun of his relationship.

But we should also think on the side of Justin, and imagine that if he would have made the same thing with Selena. Well, readers what do you think? Is it justified to make funny of anyone? It will be mean and cruel.

Well, readers what do you think? Is everything really over between Selena & Justin or they will get back to their relationship again? Are they going to be just friends?