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Before & After: 7 Celeb Moms Who Bounced Back To Shape Post – Pregnancy

One minute they were cradling a sexy baby bump, and then we blinked and somehow in the space of that time, they had managed to strip off every last extra pound.
Before & After: 7 Celeb Moms Who Bounced Back To Shape Post – Pregnancy
Life as a celeb mom resembles that of a normal mom, except more hectic, what with all those extra gym sessions to plan. Losing the pregnancy pounds is a lengthy chore, one that these stars have turned into a sport, with actors burning the flab in record periods of time. Shocking as it looks, here are seven celeb moms who somehow got their sexy back almost immediately after pregnancy:

Megan Fox
The foxy star is said to have gained 23 pounds during pregnancy, not a single one of which was visible when she hit the red carpet for a movie premiere three months postpartum. Go figure.


Her hips might not lie, but her photos sure do! While burning all those extra pounds would have taken us, the mere mortals, the better part of a year - Or a couple of years actually - Shakira simply shrank back into her pre-pregnancy self within a record period of nine weeks.


Kim Kardashian
Overtime at the gym, crash dieting or a little help of the surgical variety - Take your pick. While the secret behind the new momma’s weight loss spree remains well-hidden, her fabulous new figure makes it obvious why she’s the one Kardashian that the world loves to keep up with.


The world did a double take when four short weeks after her delivery, rockstar Beyonce put in an appearance at a Jay-Z concert in a hot red dress, having left the extra pounds back at home. 


Miranda Kerr
While most models would have to survive on a diet of air to look that that slim, Miranda Kerr somehow just morphed backed into her pre-baby sizzling self within three months of the delivery. What? When? How? No fair.


Jennifer Lopez
It is said that the Jennifer who stepped on the red carpet five weeks after giving birth to twins worked hard to shed the extra lbs. If you ask us, she could have just stepped into a time machine and zapped into her old self and no one would know the difference.


Jenna Dewan - Tatum
Barely seven weeks after she delivered baby Everly, Jenna Dewan was back on the circuit, flaunting her fabulously trimmed down figure. While a lot of work must have gone down to burn the extra lbs, it can’t hurt that she has the ultra-fit Channing Tatum for inspiration.


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