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7 Worst Celeb Tattoo Fails!

You know what they say about celebrities and tattoos; get inked in haste, repent at leisure.
7 Worst Celeb Tattoo Fails!
Given that they they’ll have to carry it around forever, you’d think celebs would invest a little attention and care before getting themselves inked. From horrible spellings to premature demonstrations of love, here are seven celebs who need to be shipped off to tattoo rehab:

Britney Spears
We think the Tattoo Gods might have forgiven Britney when she permanently inked herself with a Chinese symbol meant to signify ‘mysterious’ but which sadly ended up meaning ‘strange.’ But then she went ahead and got a misspelt tattoo of the word ‘God’ in Hebrew on her neck and they just gave up on her.


This grammatically incorrect tattoo is Rihanna’s way to letting people know that she didn’t pay attention during her French grammar lessons and apparently neither did her tattoo artist.


Johnny Depp
The actor gifted his fiancee a tattoo of her name on his arm but when they broke up, he had it altered to Wino, a word synonymous with the homeless. Aww shucks, and there we were, thinking that fame brought you everything.


Why Kesha, for the love of God and all things sane, why? We tried listing down the purposes of having the words ‘Suck It’ tattooed inside your mouth and we are sadly still stuck at #1. Was this a drunken mistake? Please, let this be a drunken mistake.


Angelina Jolie
The sultry actress had her ex- husband Billy Thornton’s name tattooed above a weird dragon and when she started dating Brad Pitt, she felt obliged to replace it with the latitudes and longitudes of her children’s birthplaces. Didn’t like the former, not too crazed about the latter.


Hayden Panettiere
If tattoos had typos, then Hayden’s misspelt Italian tattoo would have an angry red slash all across her back. Ask the actress about it, and she shrugs it off; “It’s misspelled, whatever. I just put my own spin to it.”


Deepika Padukone
While their relationship was still fresh, Deepika got her then-beau Ranbir Kapoor’s initials inked on her neck; the tattoo serves no purpose now except to slap all future boyfriends with a reminder of her ex each time she turns her back. Subtle much?


Which celeb tattoo do you wish you could undo? Let us know in the comments box below!