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Beautiful and hot women in the world

Brazilian - sculpted bodies of dancing

 Just south of the U.S. is Brazil, or more precisely - Brazilians. They are like women, they can hardly be described with words, photos, videos or any other means of expression gives us the Internet. They are just an explosion of beauty, emotion.

 Russians - a sight you will know them


 Russians are women who can be found all over the world because they just love to travel, and looking for a young man. There is no doubt that Russian women are among the most beautiful ever Born. Most of them are blond and seemingly innocent look that is far from the truth.


 Thai - female beauty

hailand - there are already things get rough. Thai women can easily fight for first place in the ranking of the most beautiful women. They are small, fragile, thin, beautiful, a mix of southern, African and Asian features. The only problem, seeking a woman in Thailand is that half the women you meet are men. This will make you feel weird because instinctively stare at men who often are more beautiful than women who have encountered so far. No, it does not mean that you are gay, just beautiful female forms have beautiful, even belonging to the man.




Canada - cold, damp and dark, the State bears bright, fragile and beautiful creatures that easily chop wood and kill wolves and bears with his bare hands ... and not only hands. In Canada, you can enjoy some of the most pure and fine feminine features, sculpted by the cold wind of the harsh climate.


 Czech - temptation


Czech girls are just as beautiful as the Slovakian. Due to the fact that until recently they were citizens of the same country, they just did not differ as gene pool and would be difficult to distinguish from a Czech Slovakian.


 Greeks - divine beauty

 Най-красивите жени - къде да ги намерим? (част 1) - Гъркините - божествена красотаGreek women are direct Kinswomen of Aphrodite and you should not forget this fact never. They have the confidence and radiating Greek goddess. Some men describe the Greeks with a big ass, but we would say that they are well built and buttocks as though dimensions are larger than the ones we used in Bulgaria, has not found a man to complain about them.



 French women are notorious. They are praised in not one or two songs, poems, movies and books. They do not shine nor colorful shapes or with sculpted features, but rather offer a plain, simple and infinite beauty, as only the French language can evoke.


 Italians - fresh and desirable


Italy is the home of good coffee, pizza, pasta, history and anything else that is not derived from the Greeks. Italians are interesting women, but not among the brightest as beauty. However, they have very pronounced facial features and a look that tells you everything you need to know. And believe me - it is better to talk with a look, because if open mouth can not stop because Italians are the women prikazliivite planet ... after Spanish women.




Germany is the last thing anyone thinks when it comes to beautiful women. The reason for this seems to be their poor advertising, but to be honest that Germanyaiya were born, and now the beautiful women of marvel. Naturally, the need to swallow that are higher than you often reaching a size of 1.80 to 2 m. Aside from that point, each as different from their more perfec


 British women - conservative casual

 Англичанки в модных блузках (6 фото)

UK - conservative country. What to expect from their wives? Maybe getting a beer on the head. Seriously - the new fashion among women in the UK is to write savagely, leaving the men to become a laughing stock because of their drunkenness. Yet in this country can find beautiful brown women, worth one to emigrate or at least to eat walleye.


 Chinese women


China is a country with nearly 1 billion women and can not be described in one word. Like most Asians, Chinese woman and have children Broadcast and ideally look like teenage girls when they reached the age of 40 years. Should you still convinced that Chinese woman even the age limit look good?


 Japanese women - perfect


Japanese women and dimensions and look like children. There is no dispute - they stop development on the teenage years and life seems just as good as the 18-year-old student. Small size and innocent look are fetish that used in many computer games, movies and anything else that produces the Japanese. Whether Japanese women are made of characters from computer games or games are based on real Japanese girls ... is still difficult to determine.



 Секси украинки - Снимка 5Do not think that we have forgotten Ukrainian women - on the contrary. Divisions have their special place, because we know that many Bulgarians have tasted the beauty of Ukrainian women in our native coast or their property in Ukraine. If someone tells you that Ukrainian women are like Russians, be sure he obviously does not know any of them. Ukrainian women are Slav, which have slender, chic and sexy pieces, ready to seduce everyone, including Russian. Do not expect their hair have to be blonde - red and light brown color is also common there, and freckles are just a beautiful addition.


Най-красивите жени - къде да ги намерим? (част 1) - Американките - малко изкуствени, но искрениAmerican women are little known in our latitudes. So if you want a real American - go to the USA. You'll be surprised that as physics and structure, eyes and hair resemble young Americans and Russians are inclined to agree that in no way inferior to them except in the naughty look. When Americans he was replaced by naive to look stupid, but no man cares if beauty against him knows how to solve the Schrodinger equation ..


 Romanians - beautiful and aggressive


Romanians are becoming more popular in the country thanks to the videos of Romanian gangs are rotating home and foreign TV stations. In fact, we can safely say that these videos are not for turning silly uniform rhythms and less sonorous language, but rather because of the beautiful female bodies in movies. Fact.