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Foto Artis Seksi Five Vi "Green Cheerleading"

Five ViFive Vi

Five Vi

Five Vi

Five Vi


Five Vi uncomfortable Dressed Closed

Five Vi beautiful artist is famous for stylish clothes with a tight and sexy lead. Likewise, she acknowledges has considerable collection of skimpy outfits and sexy.

"A lot of really skimpy clothing collections like this," she met at the Immigrant Plasa Indonesia, some time ago.

According to girl hooked scantily clad reason is because according to taste. Also people have known girl as anything.

"Sometimes the appropriate care as to what course would depend on what kind of event. People already know me like this," she said.

Five Vi also often wear sexy clothes even when he was going to a mall. According to the mall people still politely if she was wearing a pretty open.

"Mall is arguably the high class mall would people look at me with a polite way of view. If I wear this to the market even so the problem and adjust the situation," she said.

Identical with tight clothing, uncomfortable Five Vi also claim if you have to dress completely closed. "I'm too closed just sometimes do not feel that I though it was prepared from a closed wardrobe I look a bit uncomfortable as well," she said.